At Queensway Garage we are aware that many disagreements between vehicle owners and repairers are caused by poor communication.


To avoid this and to ensure a smooth relationship we follow a fairly strict procedure:

* We ask you to provide us with details of your car and a clear description of the work you want done, so an estimate can be given.

We provide a detailed estimate, which includes:


* Work to be done
* Parts required
* Method of payment (cash, or credit/debit card)
* We will give you any old parts removed from your vehicle, except when 'exchange units' are used. Exchange unit items have to be returned to the supplier for re-manufacture.
* Upon completion of any work undertaken an itemised Invoice will be provided.





In my opinion Queensway Garage are very good value for money, they have always offered excellent service and nothing is too much trouble for them. I like the fact that I can often speak to the technician working on my car  - highly recommended !

Jane Lillie.


The wife and I have been using "Queensway" for more than 10 years and confidently trust them to look after the kids' vehicles too.

M Dyson